System 2000

The System 2000Plus™ electronic control module (ECM) gives you state of the art control of your day tank system.

The System 2000PLUS™ is an Electronic Control Module (ECM) featuring a microprocessor-based fuel level control and monitoring system. The ECM supervises all performance parameters of the day tank. These specifications describe the standard System 2000PLUS™ ECM as the most full featured UL508 listed fuel transfer system in the industry.

The purpose of the ECM is to maintain the fuel level of the day tank by controlling the pump and motor. The pump is off at the normal fuel level and is activated at 87% full. A “pump running” indicator LED is on when the pump is activated. A motor control relay is prewired to the pump motor.

The heart of the System 2000PLUS™ ECM is an electrical analog float gauge which sends a signal to the ECM for:

  1. Fuel level indication, pump control
  2. High fuel level warning
  3. Low fuel level warning
  4. Low fuel shut off
  5. Fuel in rupture basin warning
  6. Low fuel in remote tank warning
  7. ECM function signal

Located beneath the ECM, the level sensor sends a 0-90hm signal to the ECM, which converts the signal into a precise fuel level. Fuel level is indicated by nine incremental LEDs on the ECM from Empty to Full.

All signals and warnings are provided with N.O. & N.C. contacts for remote annunciation. The ECM can be manually controlled by On, Off, and TEST push buttons. In addition, an internal test button allows for a periodic test of all warning LEDs and remote annunciation relays.

Standard Features

  1. UL 508 Listed
  2. Operates on standard 120VAC, 1 phase system, 50/60 Hz
  3. LED indicators for all functions
  4. Fuel level sensor
  5. Motor control relay with LED signal, rated up to 1/2 HP
  6. High and low fuel level warnings
  7. Critical low fuel level warning for engine shutoff
  8. Fuel-in-rupture-basin warning interface
  9. Low fuel in remote tank warning
  10. ECM function signal
  11. Manual control with On, Off and Test buttons
  12. Secure internal test button for testing warning
  13. LEDs and remote annunciation of warnings

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System 2000PLUS

Incoming Power

The System 2000PLUS™ is powered by a customer-supplied 120 VAC line. Power terminals are accessible by removing the ECM protective cover. Wires can be easily run through knockout provided.


The ECM has five standard alarm conditions. Each alarm is indicated locally by an LED and remotely by wiring to the supplied relays. A normally open and normally closed contact is provided for customer connections. Contacts are rated at 1 amp tungsten, 120 VAC or 24 VDC.

  1. High Fuel - activates at 106% of normal fuel level with a two second change of state time delay
  2. Low Fuel - activates at 62% of normal fuel level. This enables the customer time to react to a potential problem before low fuel shutdown occurs
  3. Low Fuel Shutdown - activates at 6% of normal fuel level. This enables customer to shut down engine generator before fuel runs out, preventing loss of prime or engine damage
  4. Fuel In Rupture Basin - with a rupture basin float switch (option), the ECM will signal if fuel is in the rupture (containment) basin
  5. ECM Functional - the ECM performs many internal checks (including float sensor signal verification) to ensure proper operation. If a fault occurs, this LED will go out (or flash if an erratic signal is present) and de-energize the relay. It is suggested that the customer wire to the normally closed contact thereby providing a signal if a fault does occur.


There are four modes of operation on the ECM:

  1. Off - This pushbutton disables the ECM for routine maintenance to the tank system without disrupting the ECM
  2. On - This pushbutton activates the ECM after the Off pushbutton has been depressed. On any initial power up condition, after a power outage, the ECM will automatically turn on
  3. Test - This pushbutton will test all front panel LEDs for three seconds and activate the pump/motor for as long as the button is depressed. All alarm relays will not activate but maintain their original state
  4. Internal Test - This pushbutton, located inside the ECM, will test each LED and remote annunciation relay in sequential order - High fuel to ECM functional
  1. Duplex pumping system. Adds 2nd pump and motor for safety redundancy. Control alternates lead pump
  2. Controls are available for 12 VDC operations. Single or Duplex
  3. Controls are available for 24 VDC operations. Single or duplex
  4. Pump running contacts for remote annunciation
  5. Critical high shutdown. Separate float switch senses high fuel level, disengaging motor and closing N.C. solenoid valve. Warning relay supplied for remote annunciation.
  6. Contact Tramont for further information, options and specifications.