TRX Main Tanks

The TRX Series Tank is the most economical style UL-142 freestanding storage tank.

Standard Features

  1. Heavy gauge steel construction

  2. Rust-inhibitor coated interior and gray painted exterior

  3. Tank 1" NPT fittings are engine supply, engine return, overflow and alternate engine return. Other fittings include 2" NPT for normal vent, NPT sized as appropriate for emergency vent, and one 3/8" NPT basin drain for tanks through 275 gallons, 1" NPT for larger tanks. (If tank includes containment basin, alternate fitting omitted and drain provided on basin only)

  4. Square 4-1/2" inspection port and gauge

Tank shown is open basin suitable for indoor use only. Outdoor applications require closed top basin.

In addition to the standard TRX Main Tank parts and features, these items are commonly requested on main tank orders:

  1. 2" NPT Mushroom Cap with screen

  2. Appropriately sized Emergency Vent

  3. Fuel Containment Basins

    1. Open Top Rupture Basin

    2. Closed Top Double Wall Basin

  4. Float Switches

  5. Electrical

  6. Mechanical & Plumbing

  7. Special Coatings, Material & Packing

  8. Immersion Heaters

  9. State & Local Requirements

  10. Deletions

  11. Extended Warranty

*Contact Tramont for more detailed information about the main tank options we offer.