About Tramont Manufacturing LLC.

Superior, Reliable, Dependable

Founded in 1977, Tramont Manufacturing LLC is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of UL Listed diesel fuel day tanks, sub base tanks, enclosures and other products for industrial engine-generators. Our product line includes steel, galvaneal and aluminum weather-protected and sound-insulated gen-set enclosures, trailers, main tanks and full packaging capabilities. We also offer a complete selection of electrical, mechanical and plumbing accessories for our products. In 2014 Tramont Manufacturing became part of the UCA Group of Companies. UCA Group, headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, has extensive manufacturing and engineering operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. We are building on our long, successful history by drawing on the UCA Group’s resources, skills, knowledge and purchasing power.

Superior Engineering

Tanks, enclosures and other offerings may not seem too complex at first glance. Take a closer look. Is the material thickness right? Are the structural elements properly placed? Are the fittings, mounting holes and access panels properly positioned? Have all regulatory requirements been taken into account? There is no substitute for experience. Our design and manufacturing engineers draw on the company’s nearly four-decades of experience building innovative, high-quality products for the standby and prime power industries.

Knowledgeable Sales and Service

Our representatives have an in-depth knowledge of diesel fuel system design, and state and national codes. The sales team works closely with our engineers and manufacturing to ensure your order matches your specifications. Whether it is a standard day tank or custom project, Tramont understands UL requirements, codes, materials, and manufacturing technology like no one else in the industry.

The Sales and Service Team understands federal, state and local requirements including:

  1. Underwriters Laboratories UL-142 and UL-508 listing
  2. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 30, 37, and 110 Codes
  3. Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requirements, State of Wisconsin Indoor and Outdoor Approval and State of Massachusetts Approval.
  4. City of New York, City of Chicago and City of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Codes.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Tramont's headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 175,000-square-foot manufacturing complex features our Power Systems group, which is one of the best full service packaging facilities in the industry. Our extensive generator experience and flexibility allows us to offer superior and reliable packaging services with short lead times.

Our Quality Philosophy

Our commitment to continuous quality improvement has been the edge driving financial growth and increased productivity. At Tramont "quality" is not an abstract concept. It is a way of doing business.

  1. Quality starts at the top. At Tramont, senior management is committed to quality and ultimately held accountable for the company's quality performance.
  2. Set ambitious quality goals and communicate them to employees. Tramont employees understand what is expected of them as individuals and work groups
  3. Focus on the core business. We give our full attention to diesel fuel control and containment systems
  4. Make quality part of the process. Design, production and service processes are continuously reviewed to determine how they can be improved
  5. Make suppliers a partner. A product is only as good as its components. Suppliers are carefully selected and their performance monitored. We work with suppliers to determine material selection and the most efficient means of delivery.